The thought of moving to a big city like Los Angeles can be quite terrifying. But it has its advantages. From great food to amazing weather to be in the neighborhood of Justin Bieber, you can enjoy it all with ease. If the question of should I move to Los Angeles? Things to consider has been pestering you then you should read on to get the answers.

  • The Weather

Great weather is one of the biggest reasons to move to Los Angeles. The days are warm and the nights are cool most of the time. It means that you can experience living in paradise when you live here. But the paradise can be marred by problems like droughts, wildfires, mudslides, and smog too.

  • Diversity

The population of the city is quite diverse. Everyone from Hispanics to Asians to even blacks call it their home. The city can offer everything, be it a chilled-out life where you eat vegan food or the luxurious life in a high rise where you visit only the trendy clubs and bars.

  • Commuting

Commuting is quite difficult in Southern California where traffic can be a nightmare. Surviving on Ubers and public transport can be quite difficult, so you better think of owning a vehicle sooner rather than later.

  • Living Costs

LA is quite affordable as the house rent can be as low as USD 800 a year. In contrast, if you want to live in the flashy areas of the town, you will need to shell out USD 2000 a year as the rent.

  • Exceptional Food

The food in the LA is beyond even a foodie’s expectations. Here you can have everything from El Salvadorian food to Asian recipes. Here you can never have enough food and will always crave some more.

  • Amazing Scenery

The scenery from anywhere in the city is simply splendid and spectacular.